T2 3 a 30Vdc  (4 transistors)

Opto module. 4 NPN transistor outputs. Cebek


  Brand: Interfaces

  Reference: T-2

  Power: Between 3 and 24 V.

  Outputs: 4 transistors Mosfert

  Maximum load: 3A

  Dimensions: 107 x 121.25 x 20 mm.

  Weight: 116 grams.

Interfaces 4 and 8 outputs to MOSFET transistor. By optocouplers, T-2 and T-12 modules electrically isolate the control signals for each input with respect to the corresponding output. While it is injected on any of the inputs a signal between 3 and 24 VDC, the corresponding output is activated allowing the passage of current supplied to the manifold. The maximum permissible load for each output is 45 V / 3A. These modules are suitable for DIN-RAIL T-2 and T-12 C7589: C7596

Technical Information

PDF of the technical product information: Guia electric circuit and software installation. A document that guides you through all phases of design and installation. The document describes the procedure for installing the software in Windows 7 but can use the same process with other versions of operating system...

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