Interfaces to control all electrical devices and electronic

The complete hardware & software solution for your projects

* A solution to the need to connect simply and easily with electronic devices that are not designed to interact with a PC. Either with one of the standard App supplied either with a completely bespoke application, developed the project to the end user meeting the need of it.

* Supply of hardware, software and necessary to facilitate the installation and operation documents between computers.

* Facilitate user the complexity of using the FTDI USB interface and virtual driver RS-232 port for communication with applications developed using programming languages most used in the world.

Why use Cebek Interface

  • Very intuitive and easy installation to connect between the teams Hardware.
  • Quickly and efficiently at high speed USB communication transmission.
  • A single standard connector cable between the hardware and PC.
  • Created and developed solutions for the end user.
  • Hardware fully adapted to function with or without PC.
  • Hardware and software architecture designed together for perfect operation.


Interface USB:

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard has been with us for many years, but making USB devices is still a daunting task. The USB specification comprises thousands of pages spread over dozens of documents, and although good books have been written on the subject, they are rarely shorter. In addition, the application programming interface (API) offered for programming USB devices is often complex and intricate. This article describes how to program your own software-based USB devices. It is not limited to standard class devices, but also presents a way to implement any device, whether it complies with a standard class or not.

Dynamic Link Library

All the communication routines run through Dynamic Link Library (DLL). For use with your applications written in programming languages based on Windows (Server, XP, Vista, W7, W8).

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