T11 a 230V (8 triacs)

Triac module optocoplados to Cebek


  Brand: Interfaces

  Reference: T-11

  Power supply: 230V

  Outputs: 8 Triacs

  Maximum load: 3A

  Dimensions: 107 x 200 x 20 mm.

  Weight: 244 grams.

  Max. and min. : 500 W / 50 W


It has 4 independent outputs optocopladas triac. Through optocouplers, T-3 electrically isolate the control signals for each entry. To inject on any input a signal between 3 and 24 VDC, the corresponding triac output provides a voltage of 230 VAC, remaining in that state until the input voltage drop to 0. No supported resistive loads such as transformers, fluorescent, halogen lamps transformer, etc. Only resistive loads such as light bulbs, resistors, etc. These modules are DIN-RAIL adaprables to T-3: C7589, T-11: C7596


Technical Information

PDF of the technical product information: Guia electric circuit and software installation. A document that guides you through all phases of design and installation. The document describes the procedure for installing the software in Windows 7 but can use the same process with other versions of operating system...

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